Suncoast Seniors Recreational Kayaking Club Inc.

SSRKC is a Seniors Kayaking Club based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

We are a group of over 50’s who share a common interest in kayaking. We operate around the diverse waterways of the Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia. Our aim is to stay physically fit, enjoy the company of other like minded kayakers and create a safe paddling environment.



A Northern Road Trip.

During July, 2020, Club Members embarked on a trip taking in Hervey Bay, Town of 1770, Emu Park, Cape Hillsborough and Airlie Beach.

Their adventures have been captured by Lou and are available on the Reports Page.


Link to Lou’s Full Report …


Below is an extract from Lou’s Report.

Sunday’s drive across the vacant block to Cape Hillsborough, Smalley’s Beach provided a bit of a challenge for some; little Di was detained at Sarina by a mechanic and Jim B (always a most newsworthy member), was given an orange card by the engine oil. Site 10 was especially friendly and so Lou and Di forfeited their luxury pad at the resort for an atmospheric bush camp site next to the cognoscenti. This was a great opportunity for those with smallish vans to indulge in van and fridge envy.  Happy hour was blessed with another memorable sunset although with so many great ones and so little memory left, we had to resort to photography.

Smalleys Beach Sunset

Monday 20th July. The massive vista of low tide mudflats that confronted us on arrival on Sunday were thankfully absent, and a comfortable breeze accompanied us past Ball Bay around some rocky headlands (playgrounds for some) to the swimming enclosure at Seaforth. Constrained by the timing of the vicious tide, morning tea was a necessarily diligent affair, although some dilly-dallied up a crocodile infested creek whilst 4 less adventurous opted to expend valuable time rubbernecking a beached whale skeleton; definitely a more commendable consumption of time. Dean’s collapsible kayak was an amazement to all, even somewhat to Dean during assembly, and partner Deb was herself amazed by his ability to get “lost” for several hours.

Whale Remains – Ball Bay

Link to Lou’s Full Report …

Some additional Images from the Trip.

Wedge Island – Emu Park


Urangan Pier Sunset


Round Hill Creek Smoko


A Sea of Sails