Suncoast Seniors Recreational Kayaking Club Inc.

Rainbow Beach Launch – Image by Dean

SSRKC is a Seniors Kayaking Club based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

We are a group of over 50’s who share a common interest in kayaking. We operate around the diverse waterways of the Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia. Our aim is to stay physically fit, enjoy the company of other like minded kayakers and create a safe paddling environment.

Rainbow Beach Break


Rainbow Beach Camp Report – Mike Gilsenan

Day 1 Sunday.
Arrive on Sunday for settling in to commence paddle on the Monday.
To facilitate the first launch, happy hour was planned for 5 PM to 7 PM at Rainbow Beach Holiday Village, where the BBQ area was available for our use.
This was a great venue as it was large enough to accomodate us all, plus it was covered.
This which was much appreciated as there was several light showers around in the evenings.
As well as BBQ facilities, there were three large tables with bench seats plus a smaller round table for snacks.
Vivian called us to order around 6PM, this in its self was no easy task, as by then the group had taken on the character and noise level of a country pub, public bar, around closing time.
She was assisted by one of our members who assisted with a piercing whistle.
Vivian then explained our paddle plan from Carlo Point boat ramp up to Poverty Point or some point short of there after the first two hours of paddling was completed.
Vivian, being a person steeped in public service, made the point that as a group we should stay together where possible to assist each other if someone got into difficulties.
Being an ex councillor she obviously thought that she had experience in herding cats. This skill coloured her view to the point of, how could she not be able to achieve this amongst a group of over the hill retirees, some of whom were so far over the hill to almost be in the valley of diminishing day light.
Day 2 Monday. Carlo Point to Poverty Point.

Carlo Point to Poverty Point

After two hours, the group stopped for morning tea. Then a smaller group completed the paddle to Poverty Point, while the majority returned direct to Carlo Point.



Rainbow Sails – Image by Deb