Suncoast Seniors Recreational Kayaking Club Inc.

Hawkesbury River Camp – Image by Cheryl Christensen

SSRKC is a Seniors Kayaking Club based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

We are a group of over 50’s who share a common interest in kayaking. We operate around the diverse waterways of the Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia. Our aim is to stay physically fit, enjoy the company of other like minded kayakers and create a safe paddling environment.


The Seniors Week event scheduled for 20th August has been relocated to Fishermans Road.

20th, Aug. FISHERMANS ROAD. Jim B, 54468562.


By Lynn Albury and Bruce Nicholson.
Nine eager paddlers arrived at Boreen Point to experience calm clear waters promising an enjoyable crossing of Lake Cootharaba. We set our sights on the Cooloola Sandpatch in the distance and made a leisurely passage identifying various landmarks along the coast. The reflections of the boats and paddlers on the calm waters were a photographers delight!

For Terry and Lynn this was our first experience of a kayak journey including camping and we were looking forward to what lay ahead for us. We made an easy crossing and arrived at Fig Tree Point for our morning tea break. As we entered the narrow river some were surprised to note that there were no water lilies chocking the river as on previous trips. In fact, the water was at a high level mainly because of the recent rains in the area. This also had an impact on the colour of the water that is usually stained a very dark black – now it was a brown black.
Progressing further up river we were delighted with the reflections of the trees and sky. We saw numerous water birds and could hear the elusive bush birds hiding in the flowering tea trees, banksias and palms that lined the rivers course. We realised that in many sections of the Noosa River with steep banks, mooring is very difficult. Our leader Bruce suggested we head straight for camp 3, our overnight stop, for our lunch break. We all disembarked with assistance and kayaks were carried up the path giving us access to our equipment. We all had our priorities – some to eat lunch and others to set up camp. Terry and Lynn had a new tent and had an audience impressed that it went up so easily. We had a lengthy afternoon ahead with Bruce and Jim tackling the 12 km hike to the fabulous Cooloola Sandpatch, a huge sand blow with extensive views over the coast, Di taking the river walk to campsite 1 while others took time to read or rest. Those who did not walk enjoyed happy hour on the river wharf, and this was followed by dinner and an early night. The temperature dropped and we took refuge in our tents.