Suncoast Seniors Recreational Kayaking Club Inc.

SSRKC is a Seniors Kayaking Club based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

We are a group of over 50’s who share a common interest in kayaking. We operate around the diverse waterways of the Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia. Our aim is to stay physically fit, enjoy the company of other like minded kayakers and create a safe paddling environment..


Caloundra Bar Paddle – Submitted by Brian

Michelle off Happy Valley – Caloundra Bar

Friday 30 th April saw twelve starters brave the not so ideal conditions. Dean Rob Bob Ross Jim Michelle Lindsay George Charlie Cheryl Ken and Myself.
Ably led by Dean we ventured out in drizzly rain. Had a bit of a play in the surf. Waves weren’t perfect but still good fun. Special mention for Ken. First time in the surf and had a red hot go. He had a swim but we all know, if you surf a sea kayak, you will capsize at some stage.
After a bit of a surf, we headed outside. Cheryl decided against going outside and headed back. Better to stay in your comfort zone. Charlie had rudder problems and with Rob’s help landed on the beach and portaged boats across narrow section to the inside and back to launch point. Charlie did donate his hat and glasses to the sea gods.
The remaining nine continued down to the forts in fairly lumpy conditions. We landed through the surf reasonably uneventfully for morning tea. The beach launch for the return trip was a little more eventful Timing the swells was not easy with the unpredictable surf. Special mention to George for his perfect reverse park on the beach after a false start.
On returning to the bar, Dean decided a beach landing just south of the tip and portage was a better option than coming back in through the bar. Again a few had a swim but all good. It’s good to test your limits when you have the safety of fellow paddlers. It’s the way to improve your surf skills and hence, comfort in the conditions.

Skills Day Shots – Images by Sue

Lake Kawana Skills Training

Jim’s Roll practice – Slide Show


Rob supporting Ken to Balance

Ken balancing on his back deck

Don demonstrating a turn

POMONA MINI CAMP – Submitted by Paul Watt


Pomona Showground Caravan Park with Mt Cooroora in background

Wed 14 – Pomona Showground.
A group of 16 paddlers and partners, including Garth and Margaret from Bundy were enjoying happy hour when the coordinator finally arrived late at 5:15pm, to a round of applause. Most were camped at showgrounds, with Max and Robyn enjoying the comfort of an ensuited room at the Pub nearby. Some had arrived a day or more early for a chill out.

Launch site at Boreen Point

Thu 15 – Boreen Point.
17 paddlers assembled at Boreen point early on a beaut glassy sunny autumn morning for paddle to Johns Landing. This was a scheduled Thursday club paddle, with Albert and Fay, Lynn , David H, Dave B and Bob joining the campers to paddle south across the lake to channel markers and Noosa River entry .We paddled against a slight flood tide once we entered the river, following the mangrove and forested banks, spying a pair of ospreys, some azure kingfishers and a water monitor basking.
After a pleasant morning tea at JL we headed back almost at top of tide, with little breeze till we were in open lake.When boats were loaded, a few enjoyed fish and chips from local store, whilst others headed back to camp or did coffee and sangas at one of many Pomona cafes.17 of us met at the pub from 5:30 for dinner booking at 6:30. The wonderful dining room staff set us up a long table out on the verandah in the fresh evening air, where we enjoyed various dishes including seafood and the biggest 660 gm steak we’ve ever seen .. onya Barrie, you managed to eat half of it with Jim C drooling opposite. A few doggie bags were taken home.A few beers, wines etc complemented the fine food to make an enjoyable club dinner.

Bob at one with nature


Lake MacDonald perfection


Historic Pomona Hotel, where we dined on the ground floor verandah at left.


Autumn Day – Light Conditions – Mudjimba Beach Landing