Suncoast Seniors Recreational Kayaking Club Inc.

Image by Dave Edwards

SSRKC is a Seniors Kayaking Club based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

We are a group of over 50’s who share a common interest in kayaking. We operate around the diverse waterways of the Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia. Our aim is to stay physically fit, enjoy the company of other like minded kayakers and create a safe paddling environment.

Great Keppel Island 2018

Images by Dean Haspell

Christmas Lunch 2018.

Images by Robyn Graham.

Brunswick Heads Camp Report.

Clarrie Hall Dam

We circumnavigated the dam anti clockwise. The water edge was fringed by yellow and purple water lilies. There were little finger inlets to explore. We had a bit of wind. The surrounding land was well forested. 23 signed on but somehow there were 25 kayaks paddling. Not mentioning any names but The President and the first lady had some missed communication.
We made it to the dam wall and had morning tea. Some of us had morning tea near the waters edge and a group went on to the picnic spot with tables. As we finished morning tea there was a huge downpour and the group sitting by the water edge bolted to their kayaks and took off paddling in heavy rain leaving behind half the paddling group.
Radios were used to inform the second group that the first group will continue and wait for the others. It was not a very smart decision to paddle on as they 2nd group had the only 2 maps for navigating. The radio came in very handy as the whole group was able to regroup and arrived back safely.
Non-paddlers checked out the Cafe Latte scene in Brunswick Heads and also researched the club dinner venue.

Clarrie Hall Dam

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A huge hit at any camp that Lynn attends are her Thai Chicken Balls.
You have to be super quick to sample these and they seldom make it around a second time at the 5 o’clock group gathering.

Click here for Lynn’s Thai Chicken Balls Recipe


Thanks to Peter and Jane for supplying a short edited video of events at the recent Club Safety Day held at Ewen Maddock Dam.
You can view the action at the link below.

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SSRKC Membership Renewal

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Camp Update – Tasmania 2019

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