Well, this is a bit sad, but my story is from early 2000 on a paddle with the former Sandgate Canoe Club out of Elimbah Creek to the Bribie passage. We were almost at the passage when we heard a commotion from the top of one of the trees in the middle of the entrance.  So, keen to see what was causing this, we paddled over and spotted a very distressed cormorant hanging by a large fish hook stuck into his bloodied chest. What a terrible sight.
I could not leave him that way, so we rafted up alongside the tree, with a plan to cut him free.
With my good buddies holding my kayak steady rafted up, and after discarding my life jacket and spray deck in order to fit through the branches, holding a sharp knife at the ready in my teeth, I managed to make my way up to the stricken bird.
I took hold of a branch near him to steady myself, avoiding his flapping wings, then I cut the line so that he fell free to the water below where he swam quickly away. It was very sad to see, and we all hoped that he managed to survive, or if not, he was better in the water than all his weight hanging by that hook.
It was a dreadful sight, but we eventually went safely on our way,
It is my most vivid kayaking memory even though it is a sad one.
Yvonne Harrison

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