UPDATE DATED 18/9/2023

Tassie 5-26 Feb Trip Overview 


Paul and I have put together some potential paddles for the five sites, bearing in mind that all this will be subject to weather conditions and the sea state. As we saw from the Whitsundays camp it will be necessary to be flexible and really only make our exact paddle plans the night before. As this is a very long camp there is no expectation on anyone to do all the paddles, or even be at every location. There may also be other paddles that some wish to do, and we would also encourage that to happen. The first Tassie Camp the club undertook several paddlers did some overnight camping trips for one and two nights, whilst we haven’t planned this there is no reason that it can’t happen this time, all dependant on conditions. So if keen let Paul or me know and we can add this as an option. 


It will be cold, it is recommended that you have a paddle jacket to keep out the wind and water, needs to be breathable. Also full fingered gloves and if you feel the cold a pair of pogies would help. Long waterproof pants and booties or wetsuit socks and lots of treats to keep your energy levels up. 


Southport (3 paddle days 6,7 &8 Feb) 

We will conviene in the Southport Hotel Bar at 5:00pm (or earlier to get a good seat) on Monday 5th Feb for a briefing for the paddle planned for Tuesday. The following are potential paddles: 

  • Southport to Southport Bluff 
  • Lune River (somewhat sheltered if we need it)
  • Cockle Creek & Rocky Bay (34km drive includes dirt road, 48minutes)
  • Port Esperance (23km drive, 27 minutes)

9 Feb is a travel day, heading for Bruney Island (144km plus a Ferry is estimated to be 2 hours 40mins), as we will be driving along the Huon River there may be an opportunity for a paddle, however this will make it a long day, we will discuss this at Southport and see if anyone is keen. 


Bruney Island (3 paddle days 10,11 & 12 Feb) 

We will likely meetup at the Camp Kitchen at 5:00pm on the 9th for a briefing for the following day’s paddle. The potentials include: 

  • Adventure Bay 
  • Little Taylors Bay
  • Alonnah and Bruney Hotel Lunch
  • Penguin Island 
  • Cloudy Bay Lagoon (Sheltered paddle if required) 

13 Feb is a travel day and it is 176km to White Beach, google says it’s 3 hours. 


White Beach (3 possible paddle days 14,15 &16 Feb)

Again we will meet up at the camp kitchen at 5:00pm on the 13th for a briefing on the following day’s paddle plan. The potentials include: 

  • Wedge Bay & Wedge Island
  • Port Arthur
  • Fortescue Bay
  • Eaglehawk Bay
  • Norfolk Bay

17 Feb is a travel day and Coles Bay is 210km google is saying 3hours. 


Coles Bay (3 potential Paddle days 18,19 and 20 Feb) 

We will meet up at 5pm at the camp kitchen on the 17th and review the paddle options, and there are also some great hikes in the National Park if the weather isn’t cooperating or you are sick of the sight of your kayak by now. A couple of the paddle options include: 

  • Coles Bay and into Promise Bay with a 2km walk to Wineglass Bay
  • King Bay and Moulting lagoon (sheltered paddle if we need it) 

21 Feb is a travel day and it is 1hour and 40 minutes to the Bay of Fires


Bay of Fires (4 paddle days 22-25) 

We may all be spread out in various accommodations so we will review prior to arriving where to get together for the 5pm briefing. Some of the paddle options include: 

  • Paddle North along the beach
  • Georges Bay, somewhat sheltered
  • Launch at the Gardens and paddle north to Ansons Bay (may need a shuffle)

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