Travelling Mini Camp – July 2020

Posted 2nd June.

Hi to all who have indicated interest in joining we four on the road trip north .

    All 36 of you so far !!
Fortunately your various interest is spread over the 5 venues.
We realise that some will come for one or two venues and some might join us somewhere on the way.
You don’t need to stay at the van parks nominated. We will stay in touch by email.
To be able to communicate with you all , we will establish a group email.  That way you can be easily and accurately advised of launch site, launch time, no paddling today and where the best fish & chip shop is located etc.
To get on that communication list, you MUST email Umi ( ) and Umi will raise the group email. Please do this even though you have told us or emailed your interest previously.
Book your sites early as many southeners have their sites booked and will flood north when the border is opened.
Posted March 15th
The Cape Hillsborough ( Smalleys Beach ) Nat Pk site is now showing that it is fully booked. Sites might still become available and a ‘ phone booking ‘ will sometimes find a site when the web says no sites available.
The alternative is to book into ” Cape Hillsborough Nature Tourist Park ” which is only 4 k away and on the same bay. This is a good alternative for those wanting CABIN accommodation.
You could also check out the council camp ground at ” Ball Bay Camp Ground” , also close but further by road.
If you are thinking of coming, it might be wise to book now before all those ‘ retirees’ head north for the winter.
Umi, Anita, Chris and Dave.


Just for something different, a “Travelling Mini Camp ” is planned for July this year.
We plan to camp our way north to Airlie Beach.
The proposed agenda is attached below.
If you would like to join us for maybe one camp or maybe for all of the camps, you are very welcome.
If you are interested, have a chat with Umi and Anita, Chris and Dave.

Hervey Bay.

Arrive .. Thu 9th
Paddle .. Fri 10th – Sat 11th.


Arrive .. Sun 12th
Paddle .. Mon13th – Tues 14th

Emu Park.

Arrive .. Wed 15th
Paddle Thur 16th – Sat 18th

Cape Hillsborough.

Arrive .. Sun 19th
Paddle .. Mon 20th – Tues 21st

Airlie Beach.

Arrive .. Wed 22nd
Paddle .. Thur 23rd – Sat 25th


Travel .. Sun 26th

Sunshine Coast.

Travel .. Mon 27th

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