Jacobs Well Camp – Explanation

This is one method, there are a couple.

Make sure you check out and understand the code.

This is the original display
Read the code down in the Text

Jacobs Wells Camp – Terri & Jim Clancy

This code has no link, it is straight text. It would be underlined if it had a link.
Now to add a linked .pdf. Position the cursor.
Click Add Media
Select your file, Jacobs Well Camp
Click Insert into Page

Jacobs Well Camp May 2021

Notice that it is now underlined, that means it is dynamic
Go down and read the code for this line
Now we will make it Bold or ‘Strong’ and Red, color: #ff0000

Jacobs Well Camp May 2021

Down in the code again, I will change the Title to ‘Linsays Report on Pomona, Yah!

Linsays Report on Pomana

The link will still be to the original .pdf file.


The images are constructed on my MAC in a program called Keynote
This is the Apple Version of Powerpoint
The images are then resized for the web and have been uploaded to the Media Files on the website.
They are called Tuesday and Friday.
You can drop them down onto the Event Pages
When you do this you when notice they are not the same size as the others .. Monday, etc

Drop down into the code and you will see that Tuesday and Friday have “width=”353″ height=”85”

if you check the others .. they will be “300” and “75”
Just alter Tuesday and Friday to 300 and 75 and they will all be uniform!

How to make a button as above.

  • Open your program … Powerpoint.
  • Select your shape … A rectangle.
  • Add colour … Blue
  • Add some gradient fill … Light Blue to Dark Blue.
  • Add your text … Tuesday underlined in a bold white.
  • Save.
  • Do a screen image capture of the finished shape.
  • Resize in another program.
  • Add to the website.

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