Classes will be held at Mooloolaba Spit every Tuesday morning unless otherwise advised via the club website.

Time: 07:00 am start 

Place: Car park opposite 21 Parkyn Parade (next to Boating and Fisheries Patrol. Opposite the cafe.


Parking: 4 hour max from 08:00 in the car park, so no problem.

Carrying kayaks: we help each other to carry kayaks on/off the beach.  You won’t need wheels.

Toilets: across the street, behind the cafe

Duration: we are sometimes off the water by 9, always by 10.

After class: the cafe has hot chips and decent coffee. We resolve the problems of the world.

Rob Plenderleith and Dean Haspell lead the classes, assisted by other experienced club members.

What can you learn ?  Well, it depends what you want to learn.  New paddlers should begin with the basic skills module, which is essentially how to start, stop, turn corners, prevent capsize, and deal with a capsize if it happens.  The sooner that new paddlers do this, the more efficient and safer your paddling will be.  New members are encouraged to come to classes ASAP.

Intermediate paddlers are working on improving their edging, rolling, surfing in sea kayaks, playing in swell, etc.  We will likely run some trips during the year, limited to the intermediate paddlers and experienced club members, intended to let the developing paddlers use their skills.

You will need minimum kit at a skills class e.g. kayak, paddle, PFD, water bottle.  Don’t bring hand pumps and other deck decorations that will only float away if you capsize.  

If this all sounds a little “free form”, that is correct.  The classes consist of experienced paddlers sharing their skills with developing paddlers.  We do not follow a fixed syllabus – we are responsive to students’ needs.  Feedback from 2021 – the first year of the skills development program – was that people learned a lot, became more confident on the water, and had a lot of fun.

If you have any questions please contact Rob Plenderleith at talisker59@yahoo.com.au 

See you on the beach !

Rob Plenderleith

SSRKC Skills Development Coordinator 





Broadwater Briefing – Image by Jade