Hi paddlers,

I want to share some exciting news. Terri has been asked to be a panelist on the popular SBS television program Insight. This particular episode will be looking at Longevity – and I think we would all agree Terri  is a worthy expert on that subject.

SBS is sending a television crew to the Sunshine Coast on May 24 to film Terri paddling with her club mates at Crummunda Park and we are hoping that as many of you as possible will attend.

To achieve this, we will be moving the scheduled paddle at Ewan Maddock Dam to Crummunda and this event will start at 10am rather than the usual time of 8am. It’ll also be a bit different because we won’t head off on our usual route, instead we will be paddling where the film crew wants us to paddle. In other words, we are just like the extras in a mini film.

We will still go ahead with our plans for the Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea and the Committee meeting. So after the crew has finished filming on water activities, we will have morning tea and the crew will film Terri mingling with the rest of us. So remember to bring along your $5 donation for the Cancer Council and food to share for morning tea.

You are also invited to the Committee meeting that day. We are having an open forum to kick off the meeting, so bring along your ideas and suggestions for the committee. You are welcome to stay for as long as you like .

So to recap:

 – the Wednesday May 24 paddle at Ewan Maddock Dam will be moved to Lake Crummunda and will start at 10am, not 8am and it’ll be filmed by SBS

– the Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea  will be held after the paddle and:

– you are invited to the Committee meeting after the Morning Tea.

If you have any questions, please send me an email.

Kind regards


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