Hi Lynn and SSRKC members

Just thought I’d share last weekend’s paddle with you.  As you are aware, we are in a lock down (of sorts) but can still paddle with one buddy.  Bruce let me know that you are still hoping to visit our area in May 2022 so I thought this report might wet your appetite for next year.

Last Saturday, the 28th August, my mate and I paddled one of the trips which will be on the agenda next year – we call it the Kiah River paddle. It’s a lengthy paddle approx 35-40 km and the tide and timing have to be just right.  Leaving Quarantine Bay (part of Twofold Bay, Eden) we crossed open water for 5 km to the entrance of the Kiah River, also called Towamba River.  We were heading for the bridge at Princes Hwy (Hwy 1). The river is not tidal at this point so a good flow is desirable.

There is very little development along the river and it is surrounded by State Forest – very pristine.  When we reached the fresh water point we were lucky enough to spot a seal, very unusual to be found so far upstream.  By 12.30 the tide was turning so we made a hasty retreat to catch the outgoing tide.  To our delight the seal had the same thoughts and joined us for about 1 km, keeping up with us no bother. We took our lunch break at the entrance of the Kiah River which was in bygone years a whaling station – lots of history surrounding this site.  From there it was back across open water to Quarantine Bay – a 6 hour trip for the day.  I would suggest you do a google map of Twofold Bay and it will give a clearer picture of our trip.

Sorry, no pictures from me, I am not as tech savvy as some  of you – come see for yourself!!



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