Hi Paddlers,

Click on links below to view Relive videos of the entire camp.

Somerset Dam at 60% and Wyvenhoe at 40% full.

The low dam levels were the cause of some challenging navigation, when following tracks that we had done in 2015 when the dam was 94% full.

Despite the dire predictions of rain for the week, it didn’t eventuate until Friday as we were leaving.


Day 1 Monday 8 Nov.  Kirkleagh to Camp Somerset.

Distance 20.8km


Day 2 Tuesday 9 Nov. Kirkleagh Camp to Kilcoy

Distance 18.4km


Day 3 Wed 10 Nov.  Kirkleagh to Neurum Bridge

Distance 29km


Day 4 Thu 11 Nov.  Wyvenhoe Billies Bay Boat Ramp

Distance 10.3km



Richard Sharpe

SeaDog Sails

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