Tuesday Paddles- Skills Surf and Ocean Paddles

Starting in March 2023, the Tuesday paddle programme will change significantly.  The plan is:

First and Third Tuesdays – skills development at Cotton Tree (flat water, bumpy water, and surf options)

Second Tuesday – “ocean paddle” (could be offshore, or high wind sailing, or playing in swell, etc)

Fourth Tuesday – surf play at Cotton Tree, Mooloolaba, etc, depending on conditions.

Fifth Tuesday (if there is one) – either surf play or an ocean paddle.

Key points:

– this change has no effect on the established Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday paddles.

– about half of the 2022 Tuesday skills sessions are being replaced by surf play or ocean paddles in 2023.

– Tuesday skills development sessions provide the skills needed for surf play and ocean paddles.

– the skills program will offer “self assessment opportunities” to help club members decide if they are ready for surf play and ocean paddles.

– ocean paddles and surf play need higher level skills than than the regular Thursday paddle.

– details of surf play and ocean paddles will be given via the Facebook group, a day or two in advance.

Coordinators for Tuesday paddles:

Initially Rob Plenderleith, Dean Haspell, Ross Thompson, and Brian Batch.


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