Good morning to everyone,

Please read this information from Rob regarding our Pimp Your Kayak Day.  Thanks to Rob and his team for organising this day for us. Please RSVP to Rob, for work you would like to do and to be included in the catering.  Lynn


Pimp Your Kayak Day will be held on 21 June.  It is a new event with four objectives: 

  1. To help people to replace perimeter deck lines, bungees, end toggles, etc on their kayaks.
  2. To advise people on more complex repair issues such as rudders, so they can buy the needed parts
  3. To enable people to buy / sell / swap anything to do with kayaks
  4. And we can all enjoy morning tea together

If you are coming, please RSVP to Rob Plenderleith at May 30 and identify if you need decklines and/or bungees and/or will be at morning tea.  This will help us to buy enough repair materials and food.   If you don’t RSVP, we might run out of deck lines, bungees, or food.


Pimp Your Kayak Day is being held on Tuesday 21 June, at Rotary Park, Parkyn Parade, Mooloolaba, starting at 8am.  This will replace the Skills Development session normally held in the same place on Tuesday mornings.  We will finish when we’re done.


The club will buy reels of deck line and bungee, and the main activity of the day will be to help you replace deck lines, bungees, end toggles, etc, on your kayak or kayaks.  Materials will be sold at cost price.   PLEASE BRING CASH.  Prices will be communicated closer to the date, but we will be selling at cost price.


The club’s resident experts can advise re rudder and skeg issues, cracks, and all the other things that happen to kayaks.  We will help you identify what needs to be done to your kayak, if anything, and tell you what parts you need to buy.  We have plans for a kayak repair day during the winter, before the Keppel Camp.  That is when your replacement parts can be fitted.


This might be the opportunity to get rid of kayaks, kayaking gear, camping gear etc that you no longer use, or to acquire something you never knew you wanted.  Bring a tarp to put your items on, and deploy your best haggling skills.  


Morning tea will be provided courtesy of the wonderful SSRKC catering team.

If you have any questions re PYKD or the later kayak repair clinic, please contact Rob Plenderleith at

Best regards,

Rob Plenderleith

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