Mini Camp – Upper Noosa River

Following many requests, it has been decided to hold a camp to the upper reaches of the Noosa River.

The challenge with this is the limitation on camping numbers past Camp site 3, so we have to be a little bit creative in our approach.

It also means we’ll need a fairly accurate idea of numbers to make the best plans.

Below are two camp options. Camp ‘A’ is for 3 nights and camp ‘B’ is 4 nights.

After perusing the details, Paul and I would like an idea of those interested and which option you’d prefer.

Both camps will do the same activities with the 5 day camp being more relaxed and less strenuous. There are toilets at all camp sites except for the night at the top of the river.  All camping gear and water will need to be taken on the kayak.


Camp A                                                              Camp B

Day 1 Mon 4th October                                   Day 1 Mon 4th

Depart Boreen Pt to Camp site 3                      As per Camp A

stops at 

Fig Tree…….. 13.5Km

Harrys Hut…. 5km

Camp site 3…7.7km 

Total 26.2km


Day 2  Tue 5th                                                 Day 2 Tue 5th

AM….. Walk to sand blow                                   AM….Casual Walk to sand Blow

      Pack up and have lunch                               PM….Walk, swim, Kayak or relax

PM…..Paddle to Camp 15


Erect camp, play in Teewah Ck


Day 3  Wed 6th                                               Day 3 Wed 6th

Paddle to Fig Tree 25.7km                                Paddle to Camp 15 (13km)

  Stops at Camp site 4…12km                           Explore Teewah Ck

                  Harry’s Hut …8.7km

                  Fig Tree….5km


Day 4   Thu 7th                                               Day 4   Thu 7th

Paddle Kin Kin Ck  11.5km                                Paddle to Fig Tree 25.7km

Morning tea at Kinaba                                       Stops at Camp site 4….12km

Paddle to Boreen Pt….7km                                 Harry’s Hut…..8.7km

        (Home about lunch)                                  Fig Tree……5km     


 Day 5  Fri 8th

Paddle Kin Kin Ck…11.5km

Morning Tea at Kinaba

Paddle to Boreen Pt….7km    (home about lunch)


Due to the limitation on numbers, acceptances will be in the order they are received.

In responding, PLEASE advise whether you wish to be on camp ‘A’ or ‘B’

If you aren’t worried whether you do the 3 or 4 night camp, please advise as it will give us further flexibility.


Please send your response to Paul Watt email:

We reserve the right to make changes in need, depending on numbers.



Paul & Bruce

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