Sunday 8th August 2021

Hello everyone

No doubt you have heard the COVID 19 restrictions as of 10 am today. The lockdown may be over but we are not permitted to travel outside the 11 local areas for the next two weeks. This means that our camp on Great Keppel Island will be cancelled.

Let’s hope that we can do this trip in the future.

During the next two weeks, community sport has been cancelled.  As a club we will abide with this ruling and all scheduled paddles will be cancelled for next two weeks.

This does not mean that you cannot paddle.  Continue unofficial paddles in small groups.

This is very disappointing news as we have been looking forward to this camp for some time. We thank Bruce who has put hours into the organisation of the camp.

He is currently following up with barge and resort and is discussing refunds.  We look forward to hearing more from him.

Take care and enjoy some paddles.



Fellow travellers,

Well, I’m devastated!  However, life goes on so let’s get to it.

I’ve been given deposits from all going on the ferry and staying in the bunk house.  Thank you for that, I’ve had a wonderful time spending it!

However, if you’d like to get some change from the receivers, please send me an email detailing your bank BSB and account number and I’ll see what scraps are left so you might get a share.

Send your email directly to:

Regarding your deposit at the Hideaway resort.

They will refund your deposit.  Send your request directly to the resort at the following email:

For those who have booked at the Big 4 Capricornia Palms Village, they too will return your deposit.

Please phone or email them TODAY.

Phone Number 1800 068 703 or 4933 6144

Email:  (I think!)

All involved up there are as sad as I am that we can’t make it and hope we can reschedule.

I think it pointless until vaccinations have reached a safe level.  We’ll have a committee meeting soon and look at the possibility of rescheduling. Is there someone who would like to volunteer to undertake organising it next year?

As an aside, I’m going paddling tomorrow from the boat club leaving at 8.30 am.  Maybe I’ll see someone around?


Good paddling and stay safe






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