1 st August 2022: Hi paddlers and partners.

Well, not long to go now so here are the details you’ll need:

Firstly, for those paddling over: ie. Bob, Rob, Chris, Garth, Trevor, Eric, Jim C, Ken, Linsay, Dean and Rudolph

Please be at the Rosslyn Bay Boat Harbour at 8am for an 8.30 departure. A decision will be made at 8am as to where you depart from, depending on weather conditions. 

I will be there to mind your gear that is going on the ferry prior to loading.

It is expected that you will be there to help unload on the Island.


As previously advised, loading at the boat harbour will commence at 9.30am. I’d like your cars emptied and out of the way (parked) prior to loading.

Departure will be 11am. Passage is approx 30min.

On Arrival:

The boats will be unloaded and placed on the beach above high water.

The gear will be unloaded and transported by tractor/trailer to the baggage area at the resort.

We will return to the beach and gather at 2PM to paddle the boats around the corner to store in front of the camp.

The paddle schedule will be decided at 3pm daily, taking into consideration the predicted weather and sea conditions and will be announced at happy hour at 4.30pm.

As everything has changed since we were last there, the site for happy hour will be advised at 2pm when we go for the boats.

On Departure:

Gear is to be taken to RECEPTION to be transported down to the beach departure area.

Loading of the ferry will commence at 10am. So please ensure your gear is at reception in ample time for it to be packed and transported down.

The boats will be stored at the departure area (empty) after the last paddle, ready for loading next day.

Departure will be 11am and ETA is 11.30am

I’d expect you’d be packed and loaded to get away for home around 12.30 ish.

All we have to do now is hope for good weather!



Well, not long to go now so I thought it timely to give some detail about going over.

The following 11 are paddling over:

Bob, Rob, Chris, Garth, Jim C, Trevor Gregson, Eric Bickerton, Ken, Linsay, George and Dean.

All others are going by Ferry.

Loading of the Ferry will commence at 9.30 am and departure will be 11am.

We require everyone to be at the Ferry Terminal with Boats and gear unloaded and cars parked in the car park prior to 9.30am.

Please ensure ALL gear is NAMED. This includes paddles as there are many that are similar.

BOATS are to be EMPTY, EXCEPT for PDF and SPRAY SKIRT which can be placed within a hatch.

As there will be the maximum of 30 kayaks on the boat, we will need some slings. Your tie down straps will serve this purpose so please ensure you have written your name on your straps in case we use yours.

Also, some padding could be useful as some boats will be resting on others. So, if you have something suitable, please bring it in case of need.

If there are any further questions, contact me and I’ll address.



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