Grade 2 Event

Paddling in exposed inshore waters.


  • Along the open beaches and headlands.
  • Great Sandy Strait.
  • Lower Moreton Bay.
  • Sheltered sections of the Whitsundays.
Seas to 1m and surf to 0.5m.
Distance covered up to 25km per day. If more than 25km trip coordinators must show in their planning/trip briefing that they have taken the distance into consideration.
If wind is over 20 knots, trip leaders must show in their planning/trip briefing that they have taken the wind into consideration.
Max distance of 5NM (9.2km) from shore.
Maintain a cruising speed of up to 5km/hour.
Open to members (Grade 2 assessed) and qualified visitors at Trip Co-ordinator’s discretion.

Vessel Prerequisites

Your vessel must be a well maintained Sea kayak with at least 2 bulkheads and be fitted with:
  • 6 mm fitted deck lines.
  • Closed toggles / loops at both ends – You hands should not be entrapped by the loops.
  • Tow points – enable you to tow and be towed.
  • A tow line – 15m with a quick release clip.
  • A pump – Manual or Hands free.
  • A spray skirt.
  • A paddle leash.

Paddlers Prerequisites

Paddlers must possess all Club Minimum Skills Requirements plus:
  • Paddlers are required to have been assessed as competent to Grade 2 level.
Paddlers should be capable of:
  • Performing a self-rescue.
  • Performing an assisted rescue.
  • Beach launches & returns through small surf.
  • Swimming 20m wearing a PFD.
  • Towing.
Paddlers’ skills should include:
  • Bracing.
  • Edging.
  • Paddle stern rudder.
  • Some familiarity with weather, charts and navigation.
Paddlers should have an appropriate level of fitness and stamina, to enable them to safely paddle the distance specified in the trip plan.

Group Prerequisites

The group must carry all items for a Grade 1 Event plus:
  • Compass and charts.
  • Flares and V – Sheet.
  • Vessel repair kit.

Trip Leaders Prerequisites

Grade 2 Trip Coordinators should be experienced Level 1 Paddle Co-ordinators with sea kayaking experience and demonstrated skills in leadership, paddling and rescue techniques.