Grade 2.5 Event

Paddling in open waters.

Seas to 2m and surf to 1m.
These events may require launching and landing through the surf with some time spent in the surf zone.
Distance covered up to 30km per day. If more than 30km, trip coordinators must show in their planning/trip briefing that they have taken the distance into consideration.
If wind is over 20 knots, trip leaders must show in their planning/trip briefing that they have taken the wind into consideration.
Max distance of 5NM (9.2k) from shore.
Maintain a cruising speed of up to 5.5km/hour.
Open to experienced members (Grade 2 assessed) and qualified visitors at Trip Co-ordinator’s discretion.
This is the upper limit of the club’s activities.

Vessel Prerequisites

Your vessel should be a well maintained Sea kayak fitted out to Grade 2 prerequisites.

Paddlers Prerequisites

Paddlers must possess all Grade 2 requirements plus:
  • Have tested their skills in rough conditions (i.e. up to 2m seas)
  • Know their limits.
  • Be self-reliant.
  • Carry a signal mirror.
  • Carry a knife.
Paddlers should be capable of:
  • Performing several types of self-rescue techniques, reliably and quickly in rough conditions.
The Club will co-ordinate training days covering skills, such as surf negotiation and rescues relevant to Grade 2.5 Club paddles.
If your skills in this area have not been demonstrated to the Club, it is required that you attend one of these days to validate your skills and safety awareness.

Group Prerequisites

The group must carry all items for a Grades 1 and 2 Events plus:
  • VHF Radio.
  • Emergency Lighting.

Trip Leaders Prerequisites

Grade 2.5 Trip Leaders should have a Sea Skills qualification or equivalent with sea kayaking experience and demonstrated skills in leadership, paddling and rescue techniques.