Grade 1 Event

Paddling in rivers, estuaries, dams and sheltered inshore water.

  • Maroochy River.
  • Pumicestone Passage.
  • Lake Cootharaba.
  • Lake MacDonald.
Waters up to 0.5m, no surf, with safe launching/landing points.
Distance covered up to 20km per day, if more than 20km trip coordinators must show in their planning/trip briefing that they have taken the distance into consideration.
If wind is over 15 knots, trip leaders must show in their planning/trip briefing that they have taken the wind into consideration.
Max distance of 1.5NM (2.8km) from shore.
Maintain a cruising speed of up to 4km/hour.
This event is open to members and visitors at Trip Co-ordinator’s discretion.

Vessel Prerequisites

There are various vessel types that are capable of paddling a Grade 1 event.
Club members mostly favour sit-in style, Estuary or Sea Kayaks.
Your vessel should:
  • Be able to float if capsized – It should be well maintained with bulkheads or additional flotation to generate buoyancy.
  • Have watertight hatches.
  • Be able to keep up with the group – Cruise at a speed above 4 klm/hr.
  • Be able to assist fellow paddlers – Stop, turn, tow and rescue.
  • Be able to carry your kit – Water, food, clothing etc.
  • Be seaworthy – Although we paddle in sheltered waters, winds may reach 20 knots with waves to 0.5 m.
Your vessel must:
  • Be equipped with a Painter – A short length of rope tied to the bow. This allows your kayak to be secured and is handy for an emergency tow line.
  • Carry a sponge / bailer – To remove water from your cockpit.

Paddler’s Prerequisites

Paddlers should:
  • Be capable of swimming 10m wearing a PFD.
  • Possess a skills level as per Club Minimum Skills Requirements. SSRKC – Minimum Skills – 2011_V2
  • Possess an appropriate level of fitness, which will enable them to safely paddle the distance specified in the trip plan.
  • Self-assess their ability to participate in this level Club Event.
Paddlers must:
  • Wear an Australian or NZ Standards approved Personal Flotation Device – PFD Type 2 – with a suitable whistle attached by lanyard.
  • Carry clothing to suit expected conditions – All stored items to be accessible from the cockpit.
  • Wear footwear suitable for paddling, swimming and walking on rocks.
  • Carry drinking water supply to suit expected conditions.
  • Carry nourishment for duration of trip.

Group Prerequisites

The group must carry the following items:
  • First Aid Kit.
  • Spare Paddle.
  • EPIRB.
  • Tow Rope.

Trip Coordinator’s Prerequisites

As per Club Policy for Paddle Coordinators. POLICY DOCUMENT – Duties of Paddle Coordinators