Dave Pass, in the company of five others, recently paddled from Urangan to Sandy Cape. All returned safely.

For those who would contemplate doing a similar trip, the following comments, from Dave, will be of interest.


August is a good time for the whale migration and the weather is generally agreeable.
The tides run strong into and out of Hervey Bay. Ebb tide to go north and Flood tide to go south.


We each carried around 15 litres.
We boiled all drinking water taken from the creeks.
We used creek water from Worilie Creek and at Awinya Creek.
We obtained tank water at Wathumba and at Sandy Cape Lighthouse.
We had info that water might be available from Bool Creek, 3.5 km before Sandy Cape Light.
However, the water we found was unusable. Investigating further along the stream might be worthwhile.
We did not land at ‘Carree’, the camp site at Sandy Cape. Water might be available there. (National Parks).


There are no toilet facilities at any site.


This site is shaded and beside the fresh water creek.
It has road access.

Awinya Creek.

This is the most popular camp. Fresh water creek, shade and the’ whale ‘ area begins from here north. Ranger Matt told us that Awinya is becoming so popular that that number restrictions may be introduced , especially at Easter.
It has road access.

Watumba Creek.

Popular with the boats.
Well sheltered, good shade. Water tank across the creek.
It has road access.

Rooney Point.

There is no camping between Watumba and Carree (Sandy Cape) and no beach driving, so no Rangers!
Sand hills predominate between Watumba and Rooney.
Inside (south) of Rooney , the hills are only 1 or 2 meters high, just an inconvenience. North side has good beaches but we found extreme weed for 10 km or so toward Sandy Cape.

Sandy Cape Lighthouse.

(Base of the track to the light).
Not an official camp site and the ranger checks!
A good site if needed and a walk up to the light will give views north over Sandy Cape. Ranger Matt told us of the tank at the right side of the track, adjacent to the lighthouse.

Carree, at Sandy Cape.

We did not beach there, but it looked good but popular.
It has road access.

Good Luck With The Weather!!

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