Submitted by Richard Sharpe
Not having done this trip before i thought it was worthy of a trip report demonstrating how the Bribie hump tide assisted us both ways.
Fourteen of us met at Donnybrook in very overcast conditions which turned into fine weather within a short time of leaving.
This time we had plenty of water on the launch beach with HT at Donnybrook at 9.31 Winds were very light SW with no appreciable sail assist.
Don was the trip leader and he was well versed in the track we were taking as he had done an exploratory a short time before.


Below is a chart of the trip.
It displays speed, on the vertical axis, versus time, on the horizontal axis.
You can clearly see the impact of the tidal flow on the trip.

A .. on the chart

With the HT at 9.31 we had an initial run in tide from Bribie for the first hour at least and were travelling at between 8-9km/hr. Somewhere between Tripcony Bite and Hussey Creek we arrived at the hump and now the tide was running out towards Caloundra, consequently our speed remained the same as we now had a runout tide.
We got to Roys Rd a distance of 12.5km in 1hr 41mins at an average speed of 7.5km/hr including the drink stops.
You can clearly see from the graph how our speed remained the same all the way to Roys.

B .. on the chart

For the first few km coming back we were pushing against the tide which was now running strongly with Don taking us on a route past Coochin and Hussey Creeks before we joined the main channel near Lime Pocket.

C .. on the chart

Again the hump was somewhere south of Hussey Creek and from then on we had a runout tide for an easy paddle home.
Again looking at the graph you can see how our speed gradually increased all the time after the hump.
Some of us stopped at Mission Pt for a break while the rest headed straight home.
Trip distance was 26.4km, but with the tidal assist for the majority of the trip it didn’t feel like we had covered that distance.
Those that made the effort to drive down to Donnybrook were rewarded with a most enjoyable paddle.Richard

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