My first paddle ever was on the upper Brisbane river, at the ripe old age of 50. Thanks to a cycling friend, and the loan of a touring tk,  (which supposedly fell off the back of a truck), I started my paddling adventures.

My first kayak was a small seakayak. I knew nothing about seakayaking or the bay. Just wanted a boat with hatches so I could go camping. I still have this little boat and paddle it from time to time.I must stress, at this point, I knew alsolutely nothing about paddling. My friend kept pressuring me to join her on her paddles with the ‘Rosco Group’. They were quite an adventurous group. Some of whom paddled the Qld. coastline and other exotic places. 
Ross Cook put on training days as well. 
I was finally talked into joining the group.
One paddle on the bay and I fell in LOVE with seakayaking.

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