UPDATE: 20/11/2023


My sincere apologies but we have had another change of venue for our Safety Day – Ayliffe Park, Caloundra.

After an on-site inspection, it was clear that water levels at Currimundi Lake were too low to successfully accommodate our Safety Day drills. There was also concern that paddlers may be reluctant to enter the water for rescue practice because of poor water quality.

In consultation with Dean Haspell, I have made the decision to move Safety Day to Ayliffe Park – there’ll be a high tide on that morning delivering vast quantities of clean sea water.

Safety Day will begin at 8am with a presentation from Maritime Safety Queensland officers, followed by a briefing by vice president Marion Head on the roles and responsibilities of paddle coordinators, paddle leaders and tail end charlies. 

We’ll then hit the water to practice assisted and self rescues under Dean Haspell’s guidance. We will also learn how to tow other kayaks, and if time permits we may perform a couple of scenarios that might involve the club’s new defibrillator.

To round out the day, we will do a debrief around a  BBQ – Paul Watt is organising the sausages, and tea and coffee. 

UPDATE: 30/9/2023

Following a meeting of the executive the following changes to 2023 Safety Week have been made:

The Safety Week which is the week starting Nov 27 will now only be the Wednesday at Ayliffe Park Caloundra

As a result the following changes to the weekly paddling schedule have been made:

Monday Nov 27 – CRUMMUNDA PARK, Jenni Rodley co-ordinating.

Thursday Nov 30 – BOREEN POINT, Dave Hill co-ordinating

Events page now reflects these changes

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