This incident happened just recently on the 12th March on a club paddle. There were only eight brave souls paddling due to the early rain and heavy clouds. We had launched at Caloundra, heading for Roys Rd.Some further showers fell… then as I paddled on quietly, lost in my thoughts, I was suddenly hit by something from beneath which lifted my kayak completely from the water! I struggled to remain upright and can’t recall what I yelled out. I had no time to react before I crashed back into the water thankfully still upright. Jim Lewis was closest to me and witnessed the incident but told me he could not see any creature as there was such a huge splash of water. We came to the conclusion that it must have been a dugong feeding on the sea grass and suddenly realised I was directly over him and objected to the threat above by reacting in the only way he knew. I can’t believe that I stayed upright…I think it was more by good luck than any skill on my part. Hmmmm…could it have been a bull shark?

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