Last August, a few of us travelled by car,  to the Western side of Fraser Island, with our kayaks on top. Camping at Awinya Creek. On the second day out, some of us paddled about a km  out..dead flat water, without any whales around. Oh well, maybe one may turn up!!  Sitting out there for a little while, with nothing happening, when out of the corner of my eye, under my kayak, the water went suddenly dark. An almighty bang occurred!!! Next…I apparently was knocked out..came to..boat upside down, blood coming out of my leg..all I could think of was “sharks”!! Luckily, Di, Lou & Jim  were fairly close by!! I yelled out to Jim, to help me turn the kayak the right way up. He then told me, the whale had smashed the deck 3 times, while I was out to it, unaware as to what had happened!!! Damaged the deck in a couple of places. Thankful I had a decent life jacket on, which kept me floating with my head up!!  Anyway..a happy ending, even though,  I never saw  the whale.

Cheers Albert

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