From Ken

Hi members

The Management Committee has called a Special General Meeting to enable the club to change the signatories to its bank accounts.

I want to explain why this is necessary.

Normally, the signatories to our two bank accounts – the Operating Account and the Term Deposit Account change to reflect the make up of the Executive. Suncorp however has advised that it cannot change the signatories unless there’s evidence the members of the club agree to the change. The evidence needed is a motion and a vote put to a General Meeting to which all members are invited to attend or cast a proxy vote. 

The Management Committee thought the easiest way to achieve this administrative outcome would be to hold a general meeting at the conclusion of one of our popular Monday paddles. The Ewan Maddock paddle was the best window. Otherwise, the meeting would be further delayed by the Bribie Island camp.

What effect will the proposed motion have? Not much, it simply reflects the make up of the new executive elected at the AGM.

If you can’t come, please feel free to fill in a proxy vote and email it back to Margaret.. We need a quorum of 19 – which I think will be easy to achieve given that it will be at a fabulous paddle spot and the meeting shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give me a call.

Click here for AGENDA SPECIAL MEETING 13th February 2023

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