Very shortly, Marion Head will be circulating a questionnaire to all members. We are hoping to do this on a regular basis so that we keep across what members are expecting from the club. In the first questionnaire, Marion will be asking where you paddle and on what days so that we can allocate more effectively coordinators to each of the scheduled paddles. While we would prefer everyone to take a turn coordinating a paddle, there will be an opt out option. As requested by the General Meeting, we will also be asking whether the start times in winter should remain as they are (8.30am) or for it to be brought into line with summer start times.

The General Meeting also requested we develop guidelines around the new Associate membership that will be implemented as soon as it is incorporated into our constitution. We will be doing that over the coming months, but the committee agreed the criteria for associate membership will be tight – with associate members granted access to club emails, thew Facebook page, retaining advertising rights on the website and being able to participate in social events. Voting rights though will be restricted to life members and those paying full subscription.

In conclusion, I hope you have found the information useful and helpful in planning your year ahead.

Kind regards


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