Next Thursday’s event is an excellent river paddle, much of it through dense rain forest. It is available in two versions – a 25 km return expedition and a more liesurely 17 km return trip.
Both will span the peak of a very high tide, ensuring an easy paddle in both directions. Please decide before arrival which group you will join, and advise the appropriate coordinator at sign on.
Separate departures will allow more compact groups, paddling at speeds more comfortable to all.
The launch and retrieval area is awkward but easily managed with assistance. Note that launching must be one at a time, and will commence at 0745, immediately following briefing.
Hints for the Day:
    • Please DON’T bring sails as they’ll be of minimal benefit and a potential nuisance
    • Please have a painter attached to your craft as we will have most kayaks in the water prior to departure.
    • It is best to approach the parking area from the south as it makes it easier to cross the gutter and saves hassles with the traffic. If approaching from the north, go a few hundred yards past the site and use the next (Kawana Way / Jamaica Road) roundabout to come back on the correct side.
    • Please note: the adjacent guttering is in bad repair for most of its length. However about 100m past the parked cars there is a 60 kph speed sign immediately followed by a short section of safety fencing. Exit slowly immediately following the safety fence.
    • Smoko will be on the starboard bank about 8.5 km above the launch site or about 1 km beyond two fallen gum trees spanning the river. It is flanked by a long flat sandbank (probably almost submerged on the day), and marked by an inflated silver bladder and a brown Tshirt suspended from a branch.
Paddle steadily and quietly in the upper reaches and enjoy the flora, fauna, peace & quiet.

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