NEW CAMP: May 2022

The following camp will be based at TATHRA arriving on 1ST MAY and departing on 9th MAY 2022.

For those who aren’t aware, Tathra is a beautiful little seaside village on the south coast of NSW just outside BEGA and has some delightful paddling venues.

Our paddling co-ordinator will be club member Trevor Gregson who resides and paddles in this area. We will also be joined by other local paddlers who are keen to display the attributes of the area. Older club members will remember Martin Dale who I hope may also be able to join us.

On completion of the camp, I propose 4 nights at Nelligen and a further 4 nights at Nowra on the way home. We will have 2 or 3 paddles at each spot.

Proposed agenda:  

Sunday 1st May: arrive at Tathra Beach Motor Village………this has recently reopened as it was destroyed in the bush fires

Paddles 2nd 3rd 4th May

5th lay day 

Paddles 6th 7th 8th May

9th depart

Monday 9th May to 13th: Nelligen Big 4 Holiday Park Nelligen (Batemans Bay).. A two hour drive from Tathra.

Tuesday 10th: Paddle Clyde River from Caravan Park

Wednesday 11th: Lay Day

Thursday 12th May: Batemans Bay or if weather unsuitable Tuross Lake

13th depart

Friday: 13th May to 17th May: Shoalhaven Caravan Village…. A 1hr 40min drive.

Saturday 14th: Paddle Tallowa Dam

Sunday 15th: Lay Day

Monday 16th: Paddle Jervis Bay to Honeymoon Bay and beyond

17th May depart.  (Some may wish to stay on as there are many other paddling venues)

Note: All paddles are subject to change and Lay Days may be altered to make best use of conditions. Also, paddles can be organised for Lay Days if so desired.

Tathra Beach Motor Village.. (not dog friendly. However, there is a dog friendly park, Tathra Beach Family Park close by)


5 Andy Pool Dr,



02 6494 1577

Nelligen Big 4 Holiday Park (dog friendly)

970 Kings Highway



Shoalhaven Caravan Village (dog friendly)

17 Terara Rd


02 4423 0770

Any questions, contact me.  0455 655 554

Good paddling


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