The May 2020 camp is to be held in South Eastern NSW next year.
In view of the distance and time to get there, we have decided to make it worthwhile with a minimum of 12 paddles and a further 3 if sufficient interest is indicated.
The camp will run from 30th APRIL 2020 to 18th MAY if the full program is undertaken or finish on 15th May if Mallacoota is not included.
Given it will take 2 to 3 Days travelling each way, it covers 3 weeks so I wish to get the dates out now so all are aware and can plan their diary.
The program attached is tentative and the paddles are subject to change. However nearly all are in National Parks or Forestry and include Dam, Lake, River, Creek, Bay and Open Water if conditions permit.
Ample alternate paddles exist to cover contingencies.
I believe these are interesting and beautiful paddles and there is something for everyone. There is a day off after each 3 paddle set and all parks are dog friendly. I hope it gets you as excited as I am.


Wed 29th April – Sun 3rd May.

Shoalhaven Caravan Village.17 Terara Rd. Shoalhaven.
Ph: 02 4423 0770
  • Thur – Caravan Park to Broughton Ck to Wharf Rd.
  • Fri – Shoalhaven Gorge.
  • Sat – Jervis Bay/Honeymoon Bay.

NELLIGEN – Batesmans Bay
Sun 3rd May – Thu 7th May.

Nelligen Big 4 Holiday Park. 970 Kings Highway, Nelligen.
Ph: 1300 784 446
  • Mon – Clyde River 1 way top to Nelligen.
  • Tue – Tuross Lake.
  • Wed – Batemans Bay.

Thu 7th May – Fri 15th May.

Tathra Beachside Caravan Park. 2 Andy Poole Dr, Tathra.
Ph: 02 64 941 302
  • Fri – Bermagui River.
  • Sat – Wapengo Inlet, lake & Creek.
  • Sun – Twofold bay, Towamba River.
  • Mon – Lay Day.
  • Tue – Open Water Paddle.
  • Wed – Bega River.
  • Thu – Wallaga Lake/ Dignams Ck.

Fri 15th May – Tue 19th May.

Mallacoota Foreshore Holiday Park.  Allan Drive, Mallacoota.
Ph: 03 51 580 300
  • Sat – Gabo Is.
  • Sun – Wallagaraugh River to the North East.
  • Mon – Wallagaraugh River to the North West, or Gypsy Pt up Genoa River.

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