Camp Coordinators – Vivian & George

WHEN – Sunday 19th May – Saturday 25th May.

Link to Rainbow Beach in Google Maps …

ACCOMODATION – It is recommended to book early.

Two accomodation sites are recommended.
The “Official” site in the Town Centre and the “Unofficial” site at Carlo point where most of the paddles will depart.


The Official Camp Accommodation will be the Rainbow Beach Holiday Village right in Rainbow Beach.
Rainbow Beach Holiday Village.
Phone (07) 5486 3222
1300 366 596


The Unofficial Accommodation will be the Rainbow Beach Holiday Park at Carlo Point. This is where most of the paddles will depart from.
Rainbow Beach Holiday Park.
308 Carlo Road.
Rainbow Beach 4581
Phone: 07 5486 3200



Double Island Point.
This is an open water (Class 2) trip.
It is weather dependant and will be scheduled accordingly.

Di on the Return Journey from Double Island Point – 2015 Camp

Sunday 19th May.

Arrive at Rainbow Beach.  Accommodation at Rainbow Beach Holiday Village or  Rainbow Beach Holiday Park. Happy hours will be at Rainbow Beach Holiday Village.

Monday 20th May.

High Tide 1002 hrs – Carlo Point to Poverty Point (24K) – This is the longest paddle and we would get good incoming tide and supportive outgoing tide for home run.

Tuesday 21st May.

High Tide 1042 hrs – Carlo Point up Snapper Creek (17k) – We would have an incoming tide for outward paddle, and would be paddling against the tide for a bit of the home run, but should be fairly slow flowing by then.

Wednesday 22nd May.

High Tide 1123 hrs – Carlo Point to Teebar Creek (20K) – paddling against the tide to entrance of creek, then tide assistance to morning tea spot.  Then against tide to mouth of creek on return run, and tide assistance remainder of the way to Carlo Point.

Thursday 23rd May.

High Tide 1205 hrs – Bullock Point to Kauri Creek (or west coast Fraser Island)  (20 K) – paddling against tide until Fraser Island, then incoming tide assistance.  On return trip paddling against the tide until channel, then tide assist back to Bullock Point.

Friday 24th May.

High Tide 1253 hrs – Carlo Point to Inskip Point (22K) (or possibly Bullock Point across to Fraser Island) – Paddling against tide to Inskip Point (but should be early point of tidal flow), will have tide assist on return journey.

Saturday 25th May.

Depart Rainbow Beach

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