UPDATE – Posted 6th June

 The Sandy Straits trip is getting close, hope everyone is more organised than I am.

 Most of us will be starting from Inskip point, to catch the tide we need to be on the water by 8am.

 The first paddle is only a short distance so that gives us plenty of time to set up camp and have lunch, for those who feel energetic there is a walking track that goes across the Island.

 The second day we again need to be on the water by 8am to catch the tide, morning tea will be at Gary’s Anchorage then on to Ungowa for two nights.

 Day 4, we leave Ungowa for Woody Island, we won’t have to leave until morning tea time because of the tide. We can have lunch on a Fraser Island beach before heading for Woody Island were we will spend two nights.

 On the morning of Wednesday the 16th we will make the short trip across to Urangan, finishing around midday.

 See you adventurous kayakers at Inskip point.

Cheers Dean


UPDATE – Posted 31st May

For those paddlers who intended to commence their paddle to Urangan from Poona. That starting location will now be Maaroom.

The following is the reasoning for this decision.

Our plan was to launch from Poona Caravan Park, as this appears to be a direct line across to the first nights campsite at Beach Camp. However, Garth Petersen has advised that it can be a bit rough in that section of the Straits if the wind gets up.
So with that in mind we are considering starting from Maaroom as per Garth’s suggestion.

Poona and Maaroom caravan parks are both open to the suggestion of leaving our vehicles in or near their compound, and we may book a cabin for the Thursday night.
Maaroom currently has two cabins available for one night, unfortunately Poona has a two night minimum stay.

So at this stage it looks like a Maaroom starting point would be the better option but we would need to work the tide to paddle in southerly direction from there. It’s also a bit closer to Urangan boat harbour for the car shuffle.

Note: High tide at Maaroom is 9:30am on 11/06/21.
Maaroom location on Google Maps

UPDATE – Posted 1st February

This is a 6 day trip with no facilities.
You will need to take everything, including drinking water, in your kayak for the 6 days.
This is a one way trip, you will have to work out transport to get home.
We will be leaving Inskip Point at 8am Friday, some may like to camp the night before at Inskip Point.
DATES: June 2021
Paddle: Friday 11th  to Wednesday 16th 
COORDINATOR: Dean Haspell.
ACCOMODATION: You will need to be totally self sufficient for the entire six days.
Day 1.
Depart Inskip Point at 8:00am.
Distance to Beach Camp Site is 14 klm.
Day 2.
This is 15 kms to Gary’s Anchorage for morning tea then another 15 kms to the Ungowa campsite.
We will stay for two nights.
Day 3.
Lay Day – explore the area.
Day 4.
We will leave around 11am for Jeffries Beach Campsite on Woody Island.
This is 22 kms and we will make use of the tide.
We will stay for two nights.
Day 5.
Lay Day – explore the area. 
Day 6.
We will head to the finish point at Urangan.


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