Moon Point Bank – Image by Robyn G.


The Club has structured events held on Monday and Thursday Mornings. The location of the launch sites are listed below.

If desired, a comprehensive listing of the planned paddles is available in a single sheet .PDF format. This will allow a printout.

Paddle Plan SSRKC July – September 2019

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Grade 1 Event

These outings are a light excursion. Trips are around 2hrs duration and are held in sheltered locations.

Experienced members will be on hand to assist new paddlers with the sport.

Bring your morning tea & enjoy the company at the conclusion of the paddle.


16th, Sep. MULLER PARK. Malcolm R, 54431739.
23rd, Sep. EWEN MADDOCK DAM. Roy W, 0754935994.
30th, Sep. COOLUM CREEK BOAT RAMP. Jim B, 54468562.

Rainbow Beach Sails – Image by Dean

Grade 1 Event with Some Optional Exposure to Grade 2

These paddles are a “Peer Activity” as defined by AUSTRALIAN CANOEING. 

No Instructional or Guidance structure exists!

It is the responsibility of each member of the group to ensure the suitability of their equipment and themselves for the activity!

These events are normally 4hrs duration with a break at the halfway mark. Distances increase and paddlers have increased exposure to the wind and tide.

Bring your lunch & enjoy the company at the conclusion of the paddle.

Paddles start at 8:00 am  and 8:30 am from June to August.


19th, Sep. KEITH HILL PARK – 19 Km. To Mouth and Lighthouse Reach. Max L, 54447324.
26th, Sep. ROYS ROAD BOAT RAMP – 20 Km. Coochin creek. Jim B, 54468562.

Bruce and Jim ahead of the Rain.


Thursday 7th – Friday 15th November 2019.

Camp Coordinators – Umi & Chris


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Thu 20th – Fri 28th February 2020.

Camp Coordinators – Margaret and Derek Heap


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Wed 29th – Tue 19th May 2020.

Camp Coordinator – Bruce Nicholson


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Mid August 2020 – Dates to be confirmed.

Camp Coordinator – Bruce Nicholson


Rainbow Beach Rainbow – Image by Dean