Interesting Times off Pialba – Image by Rob


The Club has structured events held on selected Weekday Mornings.

The location of the launch sites are listed below.

If desired, a comprehensive listing of the planned paddles is available in a single sheet .PDF format. This will allow a printout.

PADDLE PLAN SSRKC January – March 2023 


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Grade 1 Event

Paddles start at 8:00 am  and 8:30 am from June to August.

These outings are a light excursion. Trips are around 2hrs duration and are held in sheltered locations.

Experienced members will be on hand to assist new paddlers with the sport.

Bring your morning tea & enjoy the company at the conclusion of the paddle.


30th, Jan. NOJOOR ROAD. Terri Clancy, 0434 387 783


 6th, Feb. DUNETHIN ROCK. Jim Blyth, 07 5446 8562
13th, Feb. EWEN MADDOCK DAM. Brian Martin, 07 5443 8290
20th, Feb. KEITH HILL PARK. Chris Roberts, 0417 424 433  (Bribie Camp on at this time)
27th, Feb. LAKE KAWANA. Lyn Albury, 0429 390 945

MARCH 2023

 6th, Mar. FISHERMANS ROAD. Bob Whiting, 07 5446 7760
13th, Mar. PARKYN PARADE. Paul W, 0409 770 090
20th, Mar. COOCHIN CREEK CAMP GROUND. Don McAllister, 07 5446 8562
27th, Mar. EUMARELLA ROAD. Jenni Rodley, 07 5443 1739

Upper Burrum River – Image by Dean



Hi, training next Tuesday 31st January will be at Lake Kawana. As Rob will be away in February, I will be holding Skills Development on

Tuesday the 7th and 21st of February at Cotton tree.

The 14th of February I am not available and the 28th will be a surf session 

Cheers Dean 


Tuesday Paddles- Skills Surf and Ocean Paddles

Starting in March 2023, the Tuesday paddle programme will change significantly.  The plan is:

First and Third Tuesdays – skills development at Cotton Tree (flat water, bumpy water, and surf options)

Second Tuesday – “ocean paddle” (could be offshore, or high wind sailing, or playing in swell, etc)

Fourth Tuesday – surf play at Cotton Tree, Mooloolaba, etc, depending on conditions.

Fifth Tuesday (if there is one) – either surf play or an ocean paddle.

Key points:

– this change has no effect on the established Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday paddles.

– about half of the 2022 Tuesday skills sessions are being replaced by surf play or ocean paddles in 2023.

– Tuesday skills development sessions provide the skills needed for surf play and ocean paddles.

– the skills program will offer “self assessment opportunities” to help club members decide if they are ready for surf play and ocean paddles.

– ocean paddles and surf play need higher level skills than than the regular Thursday paddle.

– details of surf play and ocean paddles will be given via the Facebook group, a day or two in advance.

Coordinators for Tuesday paddles:

Initially Rob Plenderleith, Dean Haspell, Ross Thompson, and Brian Batch.

Tuesday paddle programme to be held  at Maroochydore Rotary Park, 37 The Esplanade, Cotton Tree 

“Click here for location” 

Launch time is 7am on Tuesday mornings.  We will be finished by 10am at the latest, and will go for coffee and hot chips if we can find a suitable venue.  BRING DRY CLOTHES !

If you have questions, contact Rob Plenderleith on the email below or on the SSRKC Facebook page.

Here is the venue.

See you on the beach !

Rob Plenderleith

SSRKC Skills Development Coordinator 

Skills Development Co-ordinator: Rob Plenderleith


Grade 1 Event

Paddles start at 8:00 am  and 8:30 am from June to August.

Trips are around 3hrs duration.

Bring your morning tea.



 1st, Feb. EWEN MADDOCK DAM. Graham Woodward, 0400 592 733
 8th, Feb. OUTRIGGER PARK. Heather Quinn, 0422 493 093
15th, Feb. CRUMMUNDA PARK. Malcolm Rodley, 07 5443 1739  
22nd, Feb. LAKE KAWANA. Sue Alcock, 0439 623 209 (Bribie Camp on at this time)

MARCH 2023

 1st, Mar. NOJOOR ROAD. Ron Willoughby, 0417 711 855
 8th, Mar. KEITH HILL PARK. Lesley Eagles, 0416 104 010
15th, Mar. TEWANTIN BOAT RAMP. Jeff Head, 0428 829 996
22nd, Mar. CALOUNDRA POWER BOAT CLUB. Rick Heap, 07 3289 7397
29th, Mar. FISHERMANS ROAD. Brian Martin, 07 5443 8290

River Heads Launch – Image by Henriette


Grade 1 Event with Some Optional Exposure to Grade 2

These paddles are a “Peer Activity” as defined by PADDLE AUSTRALIA.

NO Instructional or Guidance structure exists! 

It is the Responsibility of each member of the group to ensure the suitability of their equipment and themselves for the activity!

These events are normally 4hrs duration with a break at the halfway mark. Distances increase and paddlers have increased exposure to the wind and tide.

Bring your lunch & enjoy the company at the conclusion of the paddle.

Paddles start at 8:00 am  and 8:30 am from June to August. 



 2nd, Feb. DUNETHIN ROCK. Bob Whiting, 07 5446 7760
 9th, Feb. EUMARELLA ROAD. Linsay Gadsby, 0418 715 130
16th, Feb. MULLER PARK. Graham Garrett, 0411 799 005  
23rd, Feb. OUTRIGGER PARK. Marion Head, 0419 720 345 (Bribie Camp on at this time)

MARCH 2023

 2nd, Mar. BAROON POCKET DAM. Bruce Nicholson, 07 5452 5545
 9th, Mar. FRASER PARK CALOUNDRA. Ken Jeffreys, 0429 636 859
16th, Mar. BOREEN POINT. Dean Haspell, 0412 766 933
23rd, Mar. KEITH HILL PARK. Ken Jeffreys, 0429 636 859
30th, Mar. TEWANTIN BOAT RAMP. David Hill, 0407 493 031

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