Dates: August 2021

Arrive Yeppoon: Monday 9th
Depart Rosslyn Boat Harbour: Tuesday 10th
Paddle GKI: Wednesday to Sunday 11th – 15th
Depart GKI: Monday 16th
Coordinator: Bruce Nicholson.

Please register your intention to attend .. ASAP

Latest Information – 22nd September 2020

Over 30 personnel have already indicated their intention to attend. It appears that we may need a second ferry to transport the boats despite a number of members indicating that they will paddle across. It is also good to see some partners coming along too. There is no better place to relax. Fortunately, quite a number have indicated that they will upgrade their accommodation so we still have some budget accommodation available.
Whilst we still have the capacity for a few more to attend, our numbers could become constrained so I’d encourage you to give it some thought and advise if you are keen to come so that you don’t miss out.
If you have any questions, contact me. Bruce.
Ph 0455655554

Contact Bruce Here – President.


GKI: The island is in the middle of the Keppel group, has some outstanding beaches and bays plus excellent coral for snorkelling and tracks for walking. There is a big camp kitchen which will accommodate all of us so you take your own rations and drinks and self cater. Importantly, there is a large area for happy hour which leads to the Sunset over the water which can be magnificent. There is a hotel (with a great outlook) at which meals can be purchased. We normally have a club dinner here on one night, but you can eat there nightly if you wish.
Below – Communal Kitchen and Dining.

Dining & Kitchen – GKI

KAYAKING: There is excellent kayaking in crystal clear water. If it is windy the paddles will be shorter in protected water, but under normal conditions there is no problem exploring nearby islands and coastline. If more experienced paddlers wish to go for longer or more challenging paddles, so long as there are sufficient numbers for safety, that can be catered for given the numbers attending. I personally will be taking the shorter paddles to casually enjoy the beauty of this part of the world and am sure many others will do the same.
ACCOMMODATION: The basic accommodation is in the family rooms. This makes it a cheap stay for an island paradise at $50 per night per person (if 2 in the room). The rooms have a double bed and a double bunk. The shower and toilet are between two rooms so is shared with only those in the other room. From my experience last time, it seems to work well. Food can be stored in the camp kitchen which has fridges etc. We have had no trouble with this in the past. As mentioned earlier, you can upgrade to separate accommodation of either a garden room or Island cabin at normal list rates. Neither of these have kitchens, but do have an ensuite and fridge/freezer and air conditioner. So, either way, bring your OWN FOOD and DRINKS on the barge.
If you wish to upgrade to an Island Cabin or Garden Room I RECOMMEND you BOOK ASAP. Already some of the rooms have been booked for the weekend we are there so are unavailable for our week.
For those UPGRADING, please contact the resort directly (PH 07 4939 2050), tell them you are with the Kayaking club and book your selected accommodation and pay a deposit. We will handle the family rooms only.
Essential supplies such as coffee, beer, bread, milk and ice cream can be bought from the hotel.
Below – Camp Cabins.

Accomodation – GKI

GETTING THERE: Normally, the evening before, we stay at the Big 4 Capricornia Palms Village at Yepoon a few minutes from Rosslyn Bay. This is approx a seven hour drive from the Sunny Coast. Given most are tired after the drive, we previously have had pizza delivered, although now they have a van and you can have fish and chips done on site which I can recommend (plus some other fast food I think). Of course, you can self-provision if you wish, or eat out if you like. Remember, it is an early start next morning. The caravan park has cabins and also a bunk house with common sleeping. If there are 10 or more who are happy to stay in this it becomes very cheap at approx $28 for the night. PLEASE ADVISE ME if you would like to stay in the bunk house and we’ll see if we have enough takers. Otherwise, please book your stay directly with the park. Their phone numbers are 07 4933 6144 or 1800 068 703. Of course, camping or sleeping in the car are other options there.
FERRY DETAILS: We gather at Rosslyn Harbour early (time will be finalised later) and move our gear and kayaks onto the ferry. Loading and unloading is a team effort.
Below – Loading Laydown Area at Rosslyn Boat Harbour.

Loading Laydown – Mainland

Below – Kayaks on the Cat.

Kayaks on Cat – GKI

Below – Beach Unloading

Beach Unloading – GKI

Below – Island Luggage Transport

Luggage Cart – GKI

Below – Beach Loading for return trip at GKI.




DATES: May 2021
Arrive: Sunday 9th May
Paddle: Monday to Friday
Depart: Saturday 15th May
COORDINATORS: Richard Sharpe.
Paddles will be dictated to a degree by weather.

Link to Northern GoldCoast Beacon to Beacon


DATES: February 2021
Arrive: Tuesday 9th Feb.
Paddle: Wednesday to Monday
Depart: Tuesday 16th Feb.
COORDINATOR: Garth Petersen.
ACCOMODATION – Please mention that you are with The Kayak Club.
Discovery Parks
295 Boat Harbour Drive. Scarness. Hervey Bay
They have 20 cabins that hold up to 4 or 6 people, van and camp sites.


A significant number of paddles have been identified. The selection will be made at the time given the prevailing tide and weather conditions.
However, the Thursday paddle will be the Maryborough city reach of the Mary River, thus giving the non-paddlers the morning at the renowned Maryborough Markets.

Our first vision of the Sunshine Coast was in June 1980, it was a sight we loved of sea, rivers and waterways.

The first of our fleet of waterborne craft was a blow up canoe we bought for our kids at Christmas, we had a hell of a lot of fun with that, mainly around Cotton Tree.

After that we begged, borrowed and hired canoes from various sources. Loaded with the three kids we paddled around Chambers Island, canals and Mooloolah River. A neighbour loaned us her canoe on a “take it when you want it arrangement”… the thing must have weighed 35kg, but fitted nicely on our trailer.

Then we purchased our own canoe. One weekend we set off across Lake Cootharaba, but a wave jumped into the boat and we were a floating bathtub. Standing in the Lake we emptied what water we could then made our way to the Rangers Office to empty out the rest of the water. At Fig Tree Point we had fruit for lunch as the sodden sandwiches had become fish food.

And on another paddle up to Harry’s Hut to camp overnight the tent poles were left at home, so Malcolm hung the tent out of a tree with a piece of rope…. looked crazy, but it sort of worked.

Eventually camping at campsite 15…. then return.

Giving no consideration to tides or water movement, at the time, we got stuck in mud during a paddle in the Pumicestone Passage, it was a very hard push to get back to water depth suitable for paddling.

As retirement loomed on the horizon, Malcolm set about moving into Kayaking. The canoe gathered dust in the garage, until sold…. and if you cannot beat them, you join them, so now we have a kayak each.

Jenni R

While visiting Kenilworth one week end, I saw a notice requesting people of interest to show their support and join in a protest paddle down the Mary River to stop the future Traveston Dam construction.
I roped in Jim B, and Brian M. to join me, we were not really protesting but saw it as a golden opportunity to join in the carnival atmosphere and a introduction to paddling on the Mary River.
The day arrived and we entered the farmers property registered and set our kayaks on the river bank. There were all shapes and sizes – that’s including the home made rafts, canoes and kayaks as well.
After driving our cars to the finishing line, we were talking to an organiser to see if we could get a lift back to the starting point (about 5 klm.)  Close by we heard a voice say  “hop in I will take you.”
It was the local police officer, we were put into the paddy wagon and returned to the starting line.
Finally we were on the water after some very ceremonial tip outs by the many participants – the three of us could see the dangers ahead and automatically took up the roll of “Tail end Charlie”, showing some how to hold and use their paddles and rescuing  many by towing them to the river bank, as some obviously could not swim,   A great day was had by all, finishing with a B.B.Q. lunch.
Shortly after this experience we then programed our Club to paddle the Mary River from Kenilworth to Walker Rd bridge ( approx. 15 klm.) stopping at Moy Pocket Rd Bridge for morning tea, were we had back up cars parked there just in case.
We had 15 club paddlers on the water that day, many are still members and will definitely remember this paddle along with the very exciting grade 2 rapids which was new to most of us.
This “Paddle to Remember” is dedicated to the memory of our President at the time, the late – Bruce Gardiner – Bruce was my passenger in the car on the way back home, he couldn’t stop talking and reliving the experience of this fun days paddle.
Ron W.


2014 marks the 20th year that the Club has been operating.

To celebrate the occasion, a birthday cake was cut by founding member, Terri Stannard, at the AGM.

Terri and outgoing President, Dave

Terri & Anita – Robyn Graham Image

Birthday Cake – Robyn Graham Image