Linsay Gadsby

Our annual skills/safety week will be held on

Monday 18th October at Crummunda park

Wednesday 20th October at Ewen Maddock Dam…..FOLLOWED BY A SAUSAGE SIZZLE

Thursday 21st at Kiddies corner, Mooloolaba spit

The week will be in the capable hands of Rob and Dean.

It is in everyone’s interest to participate in this week.



The Club will be undertaking a night paddle to view the best of the Christmas lights on the Mooloolaba river canals – details  as follows:

Date:     Tuesday 21/12/2021

Venue: Charles Clark Park, Mooloolaba

Time: 6pm for Pizza at the Park, then depart for the paddle at 7pm

Duration: approx. 2 hours

Requirement: a white all round light either on boat or head (i.e. use your imagination and light up your kayak).

Please advise me if you are attending, ( for the ordering of the pizzas. Please bring your own drinks.

In the event of adverse weather, a decision will be made at 5pm on Monday and all who contact me will be advised by email soon after if the paddle is off.

The event will be 2 days after a Full Moon and the High Tide will be at approx. 9.20pm.



Hi Lynn and SSRKC members

Just thought I’d share last weekend’s paddle with you.  As you are aware, we are in a lock down (of sorts) but can still paddle with one buddy.  Bruce let me know that you are still hoping to visit our area in May 2022 so I thought this report might wet your appetite for next year.

Last Saturday, the 28th August, my mate and I paddled one of the trips which will be on the agenda next year – we call it the Kiah River paddle. It’s a lengthy paddle approx 35-40 km and the tide and timing have to be just right.  Leaving Quarantine Bay (part of Twofold Bay, Eden) we crossed open water for 5 km to the entrance of the Kiah River, also called Towamba River.  We were heading for the bridge at Princes Hwy (Hwy 1). The river is not tidal at this point so a good flow is desirable.

There is very little development along the river and it is surrounded by State Forest – very pristine.  When we reached the fresh water point we were lucky enough to spot a seal, very unusual to be found so far upstream.  By 12.30 the tide was turning so we made a hasty retreat to catch the outgoing tide.  To our delight the seal had the same thoughts and joined us for about 1 km, keeping up with us no bother. We took our lunch break at the entrance of the Kiah River which was in bygone years a whaling station – lots of history surrounding this site.  From there it was back across open water to Quarantine Bay – a 6 hour trip for the day.  I would suggest you do a google map of Twofold Bay and it will give a clearer picture of our trip.

Sorry, no pictures from me, I am not as tech savvy as some  of you – come see for yourself!!



NEW CAMP: May 2022

The following camp will be based at TATHRA arriving on 1ST MAY and departing on 9th MAY 2022.

For those who aren’t aware, Tathra is a beautiful little seaside village on the south coast of NSW just outside BEGA and has some delightful paddling venues.

Our paddling co-ordinator will be club member Trevor Gregson who resides and paddles in this area. We will also be joined by other local paddlers who are keen to display the attributes of the area. Older club members will remember Martin Dale who I hope may also be able to join us.

On completion of the camp, I propose 4 nights at Nelligen and a further 4 nights at Nowra on the way home. We will have 2 or 3 paddles at each spot.

Proposed agenda:  

Sunday 1st May: arrive at Tathra Beach Motor Village………this has recently reopened as it was destroyed in the bush fires

Paddles 2nd 3rd 4th May

5th lay day 

Paddles 6th 7th 8th May

9th depart

Monday 9th May to 13th: Nelligen Big 4 Holiday Park Nelligen (Batemans Bay).. A two hour drive from Tathra.

Tuesday 10th: Paddle Clyde River from Caravan Park

Wednesday 11th: Lay Day

Thursday 12th May: Batemans Bay or if weather unsuitable Tuross Lake

13th depart

Friday: 13th May to 17th May: Shoalhaven Caravan Village…. A 1hr 40min drive.

Saturday 14th: Paddle Tallowa Dam

Sunday 15th: Lay Day

Monday 16th: Paddle Jervis Bay to Honeymoon Bay and beyond

17th May depart.  (Some may wish to stay on as there are many other paddling venues)

Note: All paddles are subject to change and Lay Days may be altered to make best use of conditions. Also, paddles can be organised for Lay Days if so desired.

Tathra Beach Motor Village.. (not dog friendly. However, there is a dog friendly park, Tathra Beach Family Park close by)


5 Andy Pool Dr,



02 6494 1577

Nelligen Big 4 Holiday Park (dog friendly)

970 Kings Highway



Shoalhaven Caravan Village (dog friendly)

17 Terara Rd


02 4423 0770

Any questions, contact me.  0455 655 554

Good paddling


Hello everyone

Our club shirt has finally materialized, and ready for members to order.

Below are pics of the actual shirt, which I will receive this week.

Please call or text me on 0422 493 093 to place your order.

The shirts are $60.00 each. Also below is the size chart.

Please deposit the money into the SSRKC bank account, and do not forget to add your name and club shirt onto the deposit. 

Cheers Heather. 


Sunday 8th August 2021

Hello everyone

No doubt you have heard the COVID 19 restrictions as of 10 am today. The lockdown may be over but we are not permitted to travel outside the 11 local areas for the next two weeks. This means that our camp on Great Keppel Island will be cancelled.

Let’s hope that we can do this trip in the future.

During the next two weeks, community sport has been cancelled.  As a club we will abide with this ruling and all scheduled paddles will be cancelled for next two weeks.

This does not mean that you cannot paddle.  Continue unofficial paddles in small groups.

This is very disappointing news as we have been looking forward to this camp for some time. We thank Bruce who has put hours into the organisation of the camp.

He is currently following up with barge and resort and is discussing refunds.  We look forward to hearing more from him.

Take care and enjoy some paddles.



Fellow travellers,

Well, I’m devastated!  However, life goes on so let’s get to it.

I’ve been given deposits from all going on the ferry and staying in the bunk house.  Thank you for that, I’ve had a wonderful time spending it!

However, if you’d like to get some change from the receivers, please send me an email detailing your bank BSB and account number and I’ll see what scraps are left so you might get a share.

Send your email directly to:

Regarding your deposit at the Hideaway resort.

They will refund your deposit.  Send your request directly to the resort at the following email:

For those who have booked at the Big 4 Capricornia Palms Village, they too will return your deposit.

Please phone or email them TODAY.

Phone Number 1800 068 703 or 4933 6144

Email:  (I think!)

All involved up there are as sad as I am that we can’t make it and hope we can reschedule.

I think it pointless until vaccinations have reached a safe level.  We’ll have a committee meeting soon and look at the possibility of rescheduling. Is there someone who would like to volunteer to undertake organising it next year?

As an aside, I’m going paddling tomorrow from the boat club leaving at 8.30 am.  Maybe I’ll see someone around?


Good paddling and stay safe






Good morning all,

As you will be aware, the lockdown has been extended to Sunday evening 8th August.

This creates a small dilemma.  I have discussed the situation with the resort, Ferry and Caravan Park.  The end result is that a final decision will be made on Saturday night and all parties will be advised on Sunday morning.

I will get an email out to you as soon as a decision is made on Saturday 7th August.

My personal opinion is that if the lockdown ends, it is probably safer on GK than anywhere.  It also gives us a day to pack if it’s a goer.  Cross your fingers.

Committee members, If it is called off, we have some decisions to make re either rescheduling or cancelling.  I’ll be in touch shortly if you could give it some thought.

Thanks and all stay safe


A quick update for your information.

We will be leaving on the barge to go across between 6.30 /7.00 am.

This means we will need to be at the loading wharf at about 5am. I will give final details at happy hour at the Capricorn C Van Pk at 5pm on the 9th.

I am advised by the resort that there will be adequate refrigeration and freezer space on the Island. All bedding is provided and you can hire beach towels in need.

In ensuring everything is named, don’t forget to name your paddle as there are many that look the same.

If anyone has any questions that they like answered, contact me and I’ll endeavour to get an answer.

It’s getting close now, let’s hope Covid behaves.



Hello everyone

In preparation for the Great Keppel Island camp, the Skills Development class schedule has been modified as follows:

Preparation for Keppel

July 13, 20, 27 and August 3 – classes will be at Mooloolaba Spit (Kiddies Corner).  Classes are open to the regular skills development students and all people going to Keppel.  Classes will start at 07:30 to help students find car parking before it gets too busy.  Please dress for immersion.  The water is a little cool – not too bad – but the wind chill is significant after being in the water.   The focus will be on beach launching and landing, and the associated boat control skills as paddlers approach and depart the beach.  Students are free to leave the class at any stage if they are too cold.

Classes during GKI camp

August 10, 17, no Skills Development class due to the Great Keppel Island camp.

The schedule from August 24 onwards will be advised later.

Rob Plenderleith

Skills Development Coordinator