Friday 19th March


Brian Batch


The end of Claude Batten Drive.

Plan is to put in at the river mouth, at the end of Claude Batten Drive, venture out through the bar and around the bays to Alexandra Bay for morning tea, weather permitting. Will keep the day flexible but hoping to spend some time playing in the surf zone either in the river mouth, Tea Tree Bay, Granite Bay or A Bay
The Noosa bar is normally reasonably benign but usually has some fun waves for surfing. Anyone wanting to join the paddle should be comfortable in open water, some surf, landing and launching from the beach. The initial launch is in flat water in the river.
If river mouth conditions are too gnarly to venture outside , we can play in the waves on the inner bar and do a flat water paddle.
As a continuation of the Extended paddles, please feel free to contact me with ideas for other paddles to keep the more adventurous paddlers challenged.
If you are interested, it would be appreciated if you could please send me an email so we have some idea as to how many may attend. EMAIL address: (

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